Ep. 5430 – Doug Bandow on America’s New Cold War with Russia – 12/18/2020

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Scott Horton

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Shared December 22, 2020

Doug Bandow discusses the state of U.S. relations with Russia, an issue of increasing relevance these days as some figures in American government try to leverage Russophobia for political purposes. Bandow reminds us that Russia is virtually no threat to the United States, so long as we don’t provoke them first, but that because of their nuclear stockpile, peace is absolutely critical for the safety of humanity. For some reason Trump’s opponents seem to ignore this fact, jumping at every opportunity to score political points by attacking him on his Russia policies, with the result that he has governed in a way that is extremely hostile toward Russia. This is one of several ways in which Trump’s irenic campaign promises belied what turned out to be a fairly aggressive administration.

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